Printing Delays

I want to sincerely apologize for the sheer clusterf*ck that is the printing for the summer issue.

Apparently posting the Patreon post the night before was NOT paranoia, because this time when I did it on the first it didn’t tag the patrons until JUNE, and since my Dragon Lord is kind of at E3 this month and didn’t contribute the more-than-half of that budget, that left me with not enough coin to get printing done. Add impending cavelessness and the desperate dash to relocate, and I’m left with half of what I need for printing, and bleeding all the while for LIVING EXPENSES until I can get cave and move and phone settled.

​I AM SO SORRY, YOU GUYS. I wanted this done a month ago, and fate is laughing at me. I will find something awesome to send you for your patience, along with my sincerest apologies. You WILL get your issues, I promise. This is one of the downsides of being self-published and a one-man operation when the one-man is an unemployed millennial.

In the meantime, please boost the page and Blake’s personal Patreon — he’s constantly making things that are really awesome (and yes, we’re biased, but still) that you should share with other people. Fed dragon makes everything smoother! There’s also a GoFundMe if you can boost that as well.


~Blake the Drake Resident (Starving) Dragon & Goblin Wrangler

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