"They're not fairy tales. They're true. Every story in this book actually happened."

Henry Mills is a very clever little boy. Raised by Regina, the Evil Queen-- err, Mayor of Storybrooke, Maine, he is the one to find Emma, his mother, the Saviour, and bring her home. He is one of very few who aren't properly scared of Mr. Gold, the pawnbroker who 'owns the town', and insists that his psychiatrist, Dr. Hopper, is really Jimminy Cricket, and -he's- the one that needs help. Through "Operation Cobra", he and his mom (and others!) are working to break the Curse that has had them bound for 28 years, separated from their happy endings.

This beautiful, handcrafted scarf is a wonderful way to show your geek love. Knit from a warm, heather grey and bright cherry red, it's designed after the scarf that young Henry wears in Once Upon A Time. I've even had a Henry cosplayer wear it to a convention, and Jennifer Morrison grinned. "You even have the scarf!" This one is designed for adults, but it's a simple matter to make a smaller model for the younger Oncers.

Scarf is about 6 feet long, and stretches to a foot wide, then springs back to a comfy 4 1/2" in a thick ribbing. Perfect for cold New England winters!

Henry Mills Scarf - Once Upon A Time - Knit Cosplay

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