Found A Goblin, Did You?

   Rejoice! Your soul has been claimed by a goblin for the wonder and glory of Blake the Drake, Our Terrifying Tyrant. He's terribly busy razing the countryside to get articles rounded up in time for the next issue of  Blake's Dungeon Quarterly Magazine, but he has minions scattered throughout the multiverse to do his bidding. One of them has found you, decided you are worthy (or at least tastier-looking than they are) and claimed you for the Drake. Or mayhaps they left around a shiny gold seed card and you, sad soul, have been fool enough to follow where the Rabbit Hole led. Repeat after me: we must not look at goblin men, we must not buy their fruits. Who knows upon what soil they fed their hungry, thirsty roots? As it is, it's far too late now. You have been claimed.

Should you choose to accept this mission, you will be:

  • folded into the Drake's dominion, which includes special perks like sneak peeks on the next issue of  BDQM, notifications on which cons to find us at, and reports on the construction of our Master's Dungeon... When that happens.

  • the first to hear the commencement of our latest #DrakesDrawing, an exclusive gift stolen from the dragon's hoard and bestowed upon some lucky little peasant. We include the option for daily entries, so this gives you a head start for extra entries!

  • granted grace to not be gobbled by the dragon for at least a week. (Note: This is not a set-in-stone promise. If he wants to eat you, we can't stop him, but we will do our best to keep him from noticing you. After a week, you're on your own.)

BUT FIRST, we need to know exactly where you came from, little one. And which goblin gets a wooden nickle for doing as asked.
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