Signing up for the magazine is fun and all, but if you're trying to REALLY IMPRESS SOME PONY, you gotta get one of our gift certificates! Full color on both sides and personally signed by our Resident Drake, you can get a 1-year, 2-year, or 5-year subscription ordered, and gift it in a PHYSICAL FORM -- perfect for that transient cosplayer, a going-away gift for adventuring parties, or as a geeky pirate gift exchange entry that will have everyone trying to steal it.


Each individual gift certificate will have the length of the subscription listed as well as an exclusive alpha-numerical code that the recipient will use to register their subscription to be added to our list, but will be otherwise blank for gift-giving, and comes with a blank envelope and one of our AWESOME 4x5" propganda stickers.


NOTE: If you're a convention, game store, or other geeky business and you'd like to get some of our gift certificates to use as raffle prizes, giveaway goodies, or employee gifts, check out our Become A Goblin page for more information!

Gift-A-Sub Ticket!